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The Head

Click here to go to the Goofy Ghouls website.Click here to go to the Goofy Ghouls website.

The animations below all show test footage.
The top two have been converted from interlaced (broadcast) video to progressive display. This coupled with the video compression has an impact on the quality and clarity of the imagery. None of these sequences has sound.

NOTE: On a PC you can right-click and choose "save target as ..." to save these animations to your own computer.

Goofy Ghouls test footage
Syndimation demonstration

Click the above image to see some test character animation from Goofy Ghouls. Please note that Frankie is supposed to walk stiffly! The animation of the ghost Egyptian High Priest (Alan) is to test our new muscle system which allows for full shoulder and chest deformation. You'll also see that he's demonstrating cloth. This is presented at broadcast resolution (4:3).
File size: 8mb

Click the above image to see some sample animation showing the potential of our Syndimation technology. All of the sequences included in this file are taken from the ordinary film poster or a still image. These were processed to make 3D animated holograms. This footage was generated to show that the same technique can be used to make exciting animated menus for DVD.
File size: 4.8mb

Colin, the Boy King
Click the above image to a turntable animation of the mummy from Goofy Ghouls.
File size: 2mb

Click the above image to launch a virtual scene file. Use your mouse to "grab" the flying saucer and turn it left and right. The saucer is a precise recreating of the scale model built for the 1970 television series UFO.
File size: 350kb

These animations use the 3ivx video encoder. If you do not already have it,
click here to go to the 3ivx website and download the decoder for your computer.