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Brian 2005
Brian as re-imagined in 2005

With the demise of Swedish company Jaguar Motion Media, the rights to Astro Knights have reverted to Galleon Holdings PLC.

Stephen Green, the new CEO of Galleon, has announced that the only properties of any value within Galleon are Goalactika (a show he brought with him when he joined Galleon) and Astro Knights. Other properties which Galleon have spent the last few years developing have been put on hold indefinitely. "We're a small company and we need to fire silver bullets," says Green. "When we reviewed the slate we saw that some of the series were further developed than others, but looking at what we've got and the feedback we've had over the last six months, we decided the priority should be Goalactika and then Astro Knights."*

This is a vote of confidence in the design talents of the team at Synthetic Dimensions who helped create this concept and all of the characters between 1999 and 2001.

* source; C21 Media's Kids Weekly Newsletter