Synthetic Dimensions take cover as
BIG BAD BERTHA BLUDD hits the stage.
Bertha live on stage
Bertha sings for you!

Big Badd Bertha Bludd, star of the 3D computer animated TV series and Computer game Astro Knights, and fanatical torch bearer for Digital Convergence, has agreed a recording deal with Sanctuary Music plc which will transform the blundering bombshell into a Disco Diva.

Speaking from her mud bath at a secret location in Cannes, Bertha looked ecstatic, if a little purple. " I AM GONNA KICK ASS!! She demurred. "These lightweight girly virtuals had better sharpen up. No one struts it quite like me. I'll show 'em all a clean pair of trotters".

"Convergence is NOW and it's tailor made for megagirls like me. I will be star of Virtual Stage, TV screen, CD, Computer game, online book, Internet and wet T shirt all in one go! The people at Synthetic, despite being almost human, have got this Convergence thing well sussed and I am proud to be their cosmic acolyte.

"Asked about her sidekicks in the video for the single release, ex Karaoke singing duo The Crocs, Bertha was characteristically unsupportive. "Useless slimeballs. I like to keep 'em in the background, where they belong. I'm now bigger than this planet and I intend to keep on growing. Ain't no stopping me!," she snorted.

Bertha's first single release has been written by the veteran composer John Williams. From his temporary accommodation somewhere in the mountains of Mid Wales, John generously issued this statement. "No Comment. Absolutely no bloody COMMENT, right?"

The Astro Knights property includes the 26 part 3D computer animated TV series, computer game, online game, strip cartoon, internet property and books, and there are full merchandising rights available for toys, collectables, cakes, confectionary, wallcovering, soft furnishings and extremely large T shirts.