Listed below are some of the games developed by Synthetic Dimensions.
Gauntlet - 1986.  

Review - 96% C&VG
"An absolutely outstanding conversion, which looks and plays just like the classic coin-op. Don't miss it under any circumstances."


Mask - 1987.  

Review - 88% Ace Magazine
" action-packed and full of excitement with plenty to keep you busy for a long time - or until Mask 2 comes out."


Mickey Mouse - 1988.  

Review - 88% ST UPDATE
"The animation is superb and does the Disney tradition of excellence proud."

Review - ST Action
"...the graphics are so Disney-like it's unnerving....."

Mickey Mouse

Captain America - 1988.  
Developed graphics only. Captain America

Gauntlet II - 1988.  

Review - 95% ST UPDATE
"Gauntlet II is everything the first game should have been and more."

Review - ST Action
"...The most authentic simulation yet...Gauntlet II is simply brilliant!...The graphics, sound and scrolling are all slick-smooth and add to the overall quality of the game."

Gauntlet II

Galaxy Force II - 1989.  

Review - 86%
"Galaxy Force is one of the best hydraulic arcade games around......a terrific job in transferring speed and playability onto the home computer."

Galaxy Force

Hot Rod - 1989.  
  Hot Rod

Resolution 101 - 1990.  

Review - 93% ST Format Winner of the ST Format Gold Award
"...the fastest 3D filled polygon movement ever...absolutely stunning...this game isn't fast, it's bleedin' supersonic!...utterly original in appearance, scenario and of the games of the year. Don't miss out!"

Resolution 101

Corporation - 1990.  

Review - 95% Ace Magazine Awards
"A graphically stunning journey into the world of cybernetics....easily the most realistic computer based RPG to appear to essential addition to your will be immediately stunned by the three dimensional graphics..."


Golden Axe - 1990.  

Review - 91% C&VG
"Golden Axe was always a superior coin-op, and this home version is a terrific clone... there's hardly anything between this and the Megadrive version, it's that good!"

Golden Axe

Terminator 2 - 1991.  

Review - 90%
"Bref, le dou Arnie-Ocean semble bien fonctionner, on ne s'en plaindra vraiment pas puisque le résultat est très fun!"

Terminator 2

Legends of Valour - 1992.  

Review - 95% Atari ST Review Essential Buy Award
"Stunning, detailed graphics. Perfect control system. Excellent plot. Amazing game design. Synthetic Dimensions has managed to create a real world, with real people and real problems. The ultimate in adventuring. A perfect game."

Review - 92% The One
"At last an RPG that really does something new and exciting....visually, Legends is nothing short of breathtaking....until you've seen this 3D in action it's hard for words to explain just how exhilarating the experience can be."

Legends of Valour

Rapid Assault - 1994.  

Winner of the "Innovations 1996 Award", CES, USA January 1996 Consumer Electronics Show. The worlds largest showcase for electronic entertainment.

Rapid Assault

Druid - 1995.  

Review - 8/10 PC Review
"Druid boasts stunning 3D graphics and a control system so simple it makes you want to weep with joy...around one hundred beautifully crafted locations...if you are looking for an exciting arcade RPG, you really can't go wrong with this."


Chronicles of the Sword - 1996.  

Preview - PC Review
"An impressive 3D rendered environment provides an excellent setting for the adventure, thanks to some stunning effects which have been created using new techniques devised by the programmers. Superb atmosphere."

Preview - Play Magazine
"Each character has been brilliantly created in 3D using the latest in human sculpting and rendering software. The finished effect is brilliant."

Chronicles of the Sword

Perfect Assassin - 1997.  

Preview - PC Power
"A classic science fiction tale which involves everything from time travel to the imminent destruction of the universe...a hugely detailed alien world to explore at will...twists and turns like every good sci-fi epic with the possibility that literally anything can happen. This is mostly down to the impressive A1 engine which has been used to develop the game. An epic sci-fi extravaganza."

Perfect Assassin

Ed Hunter - 1999.  

Metal Hammer review - 5 stars
"It's incredible what Synthetic have created. Each level represents a theme from our (album) artwork, so it becomes a kind of visual history of the band. The graphics Synthetic have created are amazing."

Steve Harris, Founder & Bassist, Iron Maiden

Ed Hunter