Web Design and the Internet
With our heritage in games design and Interactive media, Synthetic Dimensions have a unique history in the provision of the finest 3D programming and dynamic graphics for website design. In the early days of computer games development, the staggeringly high cost of memory meant that our team became expert in data compression. One of the results of this early exercise is faster download times for our web users. With the explosion in the internet as a vital communication tool, Syntheticís combined skills have enabled us to handle the challenges the World Wide Web offers.
  We offer:
A complete design service including our renowned graphics and Programming
All kinds of sites including corporate, media and B2B websites
Graphics include Flash Animations, Quicktime, VR, MPEG, AVI, WMV
Video and animation in multiple formats
For further information:
C: Kevin Bulmer
T: +44 (0)1902 742442
E: kevin @syndime.com
W: www.syndime.com


Some examples of our web work;

Goofy Ghouls
a cutting edge children's CGI animated TV series

Copestake Ltd
for PR, magazine features, press releases & copywriting

Total Licensing

Word of Mouth Films
Don Clark runs this studio which makes personal history films on DVD